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$1,200 POS Placement Credit for every $20K in Processing with EDGE

EDGE is our two-price model to offset the cost incurred from processing credit card transactions. Many other providers use the term "Cash Discount," but it is a surcharging program that adds on a charge when a credit card is processed. With EDGE, we work with POS systems, like Retail Cloud, that offers two prices for all items. When a card gets presented, the customer will incur the credit price. By switching to this pricing style or converting a surcharge "Cash DIscounting" program to EDGE, you will get up to a $1,200 placement credit for every $20K of monthly processing volume. The placement credit gets applied to the cost of the new POS system for your business.

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Expires: 12/31/2023

The Association is not responsible for fulfillment of this coupon.